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(Inspired in part by the book: Problems of Humanity by Alice A. Bailey, Lucis Trust, New York and London)

1. There is one indivisible human family, the family of man.

2. This one family manifests in a variety of categories and groupings such as nations, regions, races, ethnic groups or ethnicities, individuals, etc., all emanating from the One Almighty Creator.

3. Our goal is the advancement of this one family of man.

4. We can achieve this goal by empowering all members of the one family without exception.

5. We must oppose any organisation or system which discriminates against any one member or groups of members of this one family of man.

6. Whatever opposition we express must be peaceful and be geared to promote harmony; our only weapon is the all-embracing and invincible power of love.

7. Our greatest tool for the achievement of our objectives is education, the education of the masses.

8. This education should inculcate two major ideas in all the children of the world, i.e. the value of the individual and the fact of the one humanity.

9. This education should include the right use of money, i.e. the acquisition and use of money for the redemption of the one humanity.

10. This education must also include the empowerment of all groups for the evolutionary development of their lives and the peaceful achievement of the goals of human development.

11. This education must teach humanity the true purpose of existence which is the discovery of who we are, whence and why we came and whither we are going. Eventually this should lead to the rediscovery of the nature of our life work and the means whereby this life purpose may be achieved, all vital ingredients towards the evolutionary development of the individual.

12. All our work must be based on love, love for our fellowmen and -women and for all living things, our junior brothers in the Kingdom of Life. In other words, our work must be geared towards establishing right human relations among all peoples and all the kingdoms of Nature.

13. We shall participate in the political debate both nationally and globally in an attempt to apprise our political leaders of their responsibility not only to their citizens but to the entirety of the family of man. We shall endeavour to convince our political leaders that one of their major tasks is to bring the light to their voters, i.e. to bring information, knowledge and enlightenment to all so that they can join hands with their fellowmen and -women in building a society which cares for all and promotes peace, harmony and right human relations among all peoples.

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This month's letter

This month we have sent a joint letter to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of Israel and President Yasser Arafat of the Palestinian Territories. In this letter we have made an appeal for peace and security and the sacrifices necessary to achieve them. We ask Israelis and Palestinians alike to try to put themselves in each other's shoes and appeal to the leaders to accept their responsibility as light bearers and educators and we make the case that violence is counter-productive and only produces further violence without solving anything.

Visitors to this page are requested to read this letter and, if they agree with these or similar sentiments to kindly join in sending thoughts of light and love, peace and harmony to the political leaders and the people of Israel and the Palestinian territories so that they all may be encouraged to begin to think peace and understanding and to take definite steps towards achieving the goals of human development and right human relations.

To the British statesman and political thinker Edmund Burke is attributed the saying, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Let not the the spirit of egoism triumph!

Edmund Burke

The text of the letter follows:

Mr. Ariel Sharon
Israeli Prime Minister
Prime Minister's Office
3 Kaplan St., Qiryat Ben-Gurion
P.O. Box 187, 91919 Jerusalem

President Yasser Arafat
Office of the President
c/o Headquarters of the Ministry of Information
Ramallah-Al-Bireh-Akka St.
P.O. Box 224, Ramallah

19 August 2001

NB:  This is a joint letter sent simultaneously to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and President Yasser Arafat.

Dear Prime Minister Sharon and President Arafat,

The terrible events in your part of the world are very troubling to the world community and that is why The One Humanity Network In Denmark feels it is important to make a desperate appeal to the political leaders of your two countries.

The appeal of The One Humanity Network In Denmark is to request both parties to put themselves in each other’s shoes. For instance, the Israelis should consider what they would do if a foreign power occupied a part of Israel? Would they accept such occupation quietly and peacefully? In the light of the recent Israeli declaration that it would not even accept international observers on its soil, we can guess that the Israelis would not take such occupation lying down.

And the Palestinians should imagine themselves as the occupying force with the means at their disposal to enforce their occupation, what would they do then? Would they be magnanimous and return the occupied territories willingly and without any guarantees for their security after such a return? Events certainly show that they would not, on the contrary, there have even been indications that some might seek the total annihilation of Israel.

In the present circumstances it would appear that both parties are between the rock and a hard place. And if they are to be able to move from there, they both have to give a lot in order to obtain peace, security and harmony.

Our appeal to the Israeli government is more urgent because you hold the power to give and to take in your hands and only in so far as you are willing to give, to make the great sacrifice of relinquishing your hold and claim to the occupied territories will you be able to attract peace and security to your country and to your citizens. The way of power and war only produces an escalating spiral of violence where each death must be avenged, instigating another killing which in turn precipitates another revenge.

And so the violence becomes self-perpetuating; it is a myth that sufficient use of force of arms will discourage all opposition and pacify the opposition into submission. The Jewish history is itself proof of the irrationality of the belief in such a myth. We would therefore like to appeal to a people who have survived the horrible attempts at their extermination at the hands of 20th Century barbarians in Europe to show compassion to their fellow human beings, the Palestinians over whom they now wield absolute power.

To the Palestinians our message must be the same. The culture of hate which so enrages the most violent members of the Palestinian communities as to cause them to maim and kill innocent civilians must be discontinued. We have already pointed out that violence only produces further violence. In the 21st Century humanity should have gone beyond the point where the desire to harm another human being still carries any kind of appeal, no matter the provocation. And in the final analysis anyone who takes just a little time to think things through will realise that the Palestinians will never win this conflict through violence.

Thus the Palestinian cause will not be served by violence anyway and all that will be achieved is the loss of hundreds of lives and property of inestimable value. And to what end? Permanent Israeli occupation and the condemnation of both parties by the international community?

The Israelis and Palestinians have some hard choices to make. And they alone can make those choices. The world community can make appeals to both sides and lend whatever support may be required. But it is the Israelis and Palestinians themselves who must make the necessary sacrifices. No one else can make such sacrifices for them.

The One Humanity Network In Denmark believes that the present attempt to solve the problem with violence is really only a running away from the problem and a shirking of responsibility on the parts of the leaders on both sides. The leaders must realise that their first responsibility is to educate their people so that they may realise that violence, provocation and revenge will not bring them the peace and security nor the harmony which they all are in such dire need of. To use a Danish expression, the leaders must convince their followers of the need to “swallow some camels” on both sides. Without this sacrifice and genuine understanding among your peoples there will be no hope for peace.

In the enclosed Creed of the One Humanity we have set out the ingredients for peace, security, harmony and right human relations, not only in Israel and the Palestinian Territories but throughout the entire world community. It is our hope that it will inspire the planners of your countries to incorporate some or all of these principles in the educational curriculum of the coming generations of children and youth in your territories.

May the Forces of Light infuse the minds of political leaders on both sides and inspire you all to discover ways of creating greater understanding between your two peoples so that the culture of peace and love will reign among you and bring you all the security and harmony which you need as well as establish right human relations between your two peoples.

Yours sincerely,

For and on behalf of The One Humanity Network In Denmark

Justin C. Ajufo

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